Saturday, October 16, 2010

TUFF: The Return

Tonight, it's style vs style as Curtis Mcneil takes on Adrian "Guns" Gamboa for the TUFF 145-pound belt. Adrian Gamboa has the ability to get Mcneil to the mat and keep him there, at least on paper. Though a freestyle wrestling national champ, Gamboa feels he can stand and bang with anybody, and with pressure and his well-roundedness, feels comfortable wherever the fight takes place. He packs a heavy punch and is confident in his stand up, though that might be his downfall considering where his opponent's strength's lie. Curtis Mcneil knows what he needs to do. Get up if he gets taken down, keep it standing and let his Karate credentials take care of the rest. As last year's national Karate champ, Mcneil has the ability to throw good kicks, which might put him at risk of getting taken down but could finish the fight at any point. It also gives him the ability to keep his distance and go in and out at will and strike while staying out Gamboa's reach. The fight is really going to comedown to who can impose their will on their opponent.

The rest of the card is filled with fights in various weight divisions, with both local fighters as well as out of town talent. With this being a regional promotion, and the fighters having nothing to lose but lots to gain, expect several wars and the birth of local fighting stars.

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