Monday, October 18, 2010

TUFF: The Return results

From stand up brawls to clinch and groundwork, submissions and TKOs, Saturday night, spectators at the Tigua Center were treated to the diversity that MMA has to offer. Though several fighters had to pull out due to a series of unfortunate injuries, what the card ended up lacking in quantity it more than made up for in quality as all the fighters went in and gave their best, making for exciting fights and awesome finishes.

Up first, it was a fight between Zack Beck and Rex McGurk at 165 pounds. The fight started with both fighters instantly meeting at the center of the cage to trade blows with McGurk seeming to have the advantage in that department. Beck quickly took that advantage away by getting the muy thai clinch, in which he delivered several knees. With the advantageous position, Beck went for an unsuccesful guillotine as the round ended. In the second round, Beck came in with a different strategy. He immediately went for a takedown and after scrambling for a couple of seconds, took McGurk's back and sunk in a very swift rear naked choke to end the fight.

Zack Beck defeats Rex McGurk via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:37 of Round 2.

In the second fight of the night, it was Jonathan Pelletter versus Adam McGurk at 155 pounds. The fight started with McGurk immediately getting the better of the stand up. Though having the edge in the striking department, McGurk went for a failed guillotine which left him on his back with Pelletter on top. A scramble ensued which ended with McGurk on top. He immediately took advantage of the position and ended the fight with effective strikes from within the guard.

Adam McGurk defeats Jonathan Pelletter via TKO (strikes) at 2:07 of Round 1.

In the fight before the main event, it was Edgar Delgado up against Fabian Salas at 185 pounds. The fight started with fireworks as both fighters stood in front of each other windmilling punches until Salas caught Delgado with a left hook that took his legs out from under him. Salas immediately chased Delgado. Still dazed, Delgado threw a spinning elbow and though it landed, it didn't slow Salas down, who kept working at putting Delgado away. With Delgado not giving up, Salas changed his approach and easily put Delgado on his back, swiftly transitioned to side control and then mount, where he delivered several unanswered strikes, getting himself the win.

Fabian Salas defeats Edgar Delgado via TKO (strikes) at :37 of Round 1.

For the main event, it was style vs style as established Karate fighter Curtis McNeil took on decorated wrestler Adrian "Guns" Gamboa for 145 TUFF fighting championship belt. Within the first couple of seconds, it was obvious Gamboa wanted no part in the stand up as he immediately clinched McNeil and took him down with apparent ease. Once there, he transitioned to side control where he kept busy with elbows and attempts at gaining mount. McNeil, still in the fight, fought to improve his position but Gamboa's control was too much. Thanks to his patience, Gamboa eventually gained the mount and from there, punished McNeil while focusing on not losing the position. Though McNeil intelligently defended himself the whole time, he was unable to get Gamboa off from mount and after taking several nasty strikes, the ref had seen enough and decided the stoppage was in place.

Adrian Gamboa defeats Curtis McNeil via TKO (strikes) at 2:47 of Round 1.

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