Saturday, October 23, 2010

High hopes for Jake Shields

He's finally here. Currently on a 14-win streak that has taken him through strikeforce, elite xc, some lesser known organizations, and possibly the greatest 170 pound limit tournament at rumble on the rock, he has now arrived to the big show, the UFC. Tonight he debuts against Martin Kampmann in a warm up fight of sorts. Sure, Martin Kampmann is no slouch. He's very fluid in all aspects of the game and is definitely no stranger to stopping win streaks and the champs from other organizations that are riding them. Just ask Carlos Condit. Still, Shields has been brought for one thing and one thing only, a fresh challenge for Georges 'Rush' St. Pierre, and tonight, it's a must win for him. His job might not be on the line, but with the shark tank that is the Welterweight division, it could be a while before he makes his way to the top again. GSP owns a list with wins over pretty much every top 10 fighter in the division he so dominantly reigns and is on his second run through that same bunch. Hopefully, Jake Shields impresses tonight. It'd be nice to see him added to that list.

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