Monday, October 25, 2010

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar basically got out classed by Cain Velasquez this past Saturday at UFC 121. Cain deserves all the credit and like he said he thinks he fought the best Brock Lesnar, which I would have to agree. If you know me personally you would know I F’N LOVE BROCK LESNAR, all the way from his WWE days when he was the “Next Big Thing.” Brock is the reason why I eat, sleep, breath and bleed MMA. A lot of hardcore MMA fans love to shit on Brock because where he comes from, PRO WRESTLING (fake). Then they would start to cry when this “Pro Wrestler” would whoop on the “MMA Guy.” They would start to say “It’s because he is just big!” Well I am no Greg Jackson but I would think if you have an advantage in the fight you’re going to fucking use it! When you think of it who really jumps into the elite promotion off MMA in their only second fight? I am always the first to say Brock is not a fighter but he is an athlete. You’re talking about Brock who left pro wrestling and made the practice squad for the Minnesota Vikings. No he didn’t make the team but just to make the practice squad on the highest level of football without playing college ball tells you something. So if you’re writing off Brock I would call you stupid. Brock will come back more focused than ever and will be back in the title picture by late 2011 early 2012. People forget Brock is still very green when it comes to MMA and for him to successfully retain the HW Title twice tells you a lot about Brock Lesnar.



    Can't wait for gsp <3 he'll never let me down!

  2. i still don't like brock, even back in the day of the wwe. i just don't think he is any good!