Friday, November 12, 2010

UFC 122: Marquadt/Okami

Tomorrow night, we get treated to a free UFC event on Spike. Though aside from the main event, where Nate Marquadt and Yushin Okami fight for a shot at the Middleweight belt, all the other fights are irrelevant in their division, they are all match ups designed to be exciting with the casual fan in mind. There really aren't any big names on the card and the fighters seem to have been chosen to appeal to the home crowd (Germany), but with it being free and us being a week away from Machida/Rampage, there's really nothing to complain about.

For the Main Event, it's Nate "The Great" Marquadt vs Yushin Okami. Both fighters are very well-rounded and very evenly matched, with their only recent loss coming to Sonnen's wrestling. Marquadt is very well versed in all aspects of the game. It's his flashy, explosive striking that has gotten him to where he's at and the key to winning tomorrow's fight, but he's got decent wrestling and a solid ground game to go along it, though the Sonnen fight showed he doesn't pose much of a threat on his back. Okami has pretty good striking, nothing flashy or powerful but effective, but it's his size advantage and grappling skills that give him his best chance at winning. Though each has the skillset to win and neither has the clear cut advantage, I see Marquadt being able to outstrike Okami and getting up when he gets taken down.

For the Co-Main Event, it's a battle of the B-level sluggers as Jorge Rivera takes on Alessio Sakara. Both are on a winning streak and though they're more than likely never going to make it to the top of the heap, they're exciting way of fighting got them their spot on the card. It might mean nothing for the rest of the division, but the fight is guaranteed fireworks. It's another evenly matched fight, but I'm going Rivera, mostly cause it was Sakara that had the world thinking that "Houston Alexander is for real!"

The rest of the card is filled with irrelevant fighters who put on exciting fights and Germans. Andre Winner vs Dennis Siver is battle of the fast hands vs spinning back kicks. With rumors of Siver possibly taking the fight to the mat, I say Winner takes it by Siver's lack of confidence in his stand up. Amir Sadollah takes on Peter Sobotta. Sobotta's on a losing streak and it's do or die, and it's more than likely die. Sodollah takes this by way of Muy Thai clinic. Reljic/Soszynski is another fight between sluggers but in the end, I think Soszynski goes back to his chimora winning ways. This card has nothing that'll shake up the rankings, but all are potential fight of the night. Check it out.

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