Friday, November 12, 2010

The RIver City MMA Battle Aftermath

This past Saturday, we were able to go down to San Antonio to check out a pretty big event and aside from a good night of fights, we also got to see some prospects in their respective divisions. Jose Cabral was one of them. Cabral came out, made his way to the center of the cage, and with his very first punch, made his opponent go stiff. He scored the fastest recorded KO in MMA history with his total fight time being 4 seconds, showing he's got the power to end his opponent's night with a single punch.
Another young up-and-comer fighter who impressed was Luis Anselmo Luna. Luna has fought in El Paso before where he scored a win over Adrian Gamboa in a TUFF Fighting event as an amateur. As a professional, he's had several fights in one of the bigger Texas-based promotions, Shark Fights. With a record of only 4-2, he took on a much more experienced fighter in James King who owned a record of 14-10. Though King has had more than 20 professional fights, Luna came out and showcased his skills in every aspect of the game. King did an excellent job at surviving, but the fight was more of a showcase of Luna's skills. In the fight, he used strong leg kicks and was very accurate and effective with his punches. He also controlled his opponent and the clinch, got several takedowns, and once on the ground, was all over King, going from side control to mount to taking his back. Overall, it was a very impressive performance by Luna. Hopefully we get to see him fight in El Paso in the near future.
In the main event, Darrill Schoonover had a hard fought fight against Richard Odoms. Schoonover controlled the fight early on. He took Odoms down with his Judo trips and where he eventually took his back. Once there, he worked on getting the choke but Odoms was able to get up and slam Schoonover awkwardly on his shoulder. From there, Odoms took control of the fight. He pressed Schoonover up against the fence, was able to take down a couple of times and at one point, worked the Muy Thai clinch. Darrill never gave up but ended up losing a decision. Odoms continues to be undefeated and has 3 huge wins to his name.

The rest of the night was filled with very competitive and exciting fights. Here are the results.
Richard Odoms defeats Darrill Schoonover via Unanimous Decision
Luis Anselmo Luna defeats James King via Unanimous decision
Jose Cabral defeats Dimitre Ivy via KO at :04 of the 1st round
Alfredo Ortegon defeats Chris Kuntschik via TKO at :43 of the 1st round
Jay Peche defeats Robert Cain via Submission at 2:50 of the 1st round
Grand Slam defeats Austin O' Riley via Unanimous decision
Gabriel Guerrero defeats Pedro Ruiz via TKO at 2:35 of the 2nd round
Joe Martinez III defeats Luke Marshal via Submission at 2:01 of the 1st round
Leonard Jones defeats Kyle Simpson via TKO at :44 of the 1st round
Gilbert Gimenez defeats Warren Stewart via Unanimous Decision
Joseph Hinojosa defeats Durwyn Lamb via TKO at 2:48 of the 2nd round
John Hester defeats Johnny Dominguez via Submission at 2:44 of the 2nd round

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