Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally, UFC/WEC merger: Awesome match ups to be had, lots of questions to be answered

Last week, Dana White went on MMA junkie radio with a big announcement, that the UFC was going to add both feather and bantam weights and absorb all of the WEC fighters for their line up. Zuffa has owned both the UFC and the WEC for a while now, but with the rise of Jose Aldo and the WEC close to out of challenges for him, and the constant talk of how the WEC lightweights measure up against their UFC counterparts, the move was inevitable. Since then, a title unification bout has been announced between the winner of Ben Henderson vs Anthony Pettis for the WEC lightweight belt and the winner of Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard for the UFC lightweight belt. With no UFC counterpart, Jose Aldo goes from being the WEC featherweight champ to being the UFC featherweight champ and is set to defend his newly named title against Josh Grispi. The Bantamweight division will probably go unaffected by this, aside from maybe bigger paychecks, but an Ultimate Fighter for these smaller fighters is bound to happen, which'll end up adding more talented fighters to both divisions. The merger will allow smaller UFC lightweight fighters who normally wouldn't have gone down in weight to do it without the paycut, which'll make the 145-division a lot more interesting and give Jose Aldo some better competition with which to show off his skills. With Frankie Edgar being a small lightweight, an Aldo/Edgar match up is the fight to be had. If Edgar can get past Maynard and the winner of Henderson/Pettis, a fight and possible win over Aldo could make him the greatest UFC fighter ever, since nobody else has ever held belts in 2 divisions at the same time. If he doesn't get past Maynard, he can finally go down and fight guys his size. With his fast hands, awesome head movement and foot work, effective leg kicks and sweeps, and strong wrestling, Frankie Edgar is my pick to throw Aldo off his pedestal. He was 'The Answer' to BJ Penn's riddle, and I think he has what it takes to decipher Aldo's as well. All in all, the merger's looking to be pretty exciting.

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