Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jackson's MMA Mescalero Warrior Challenge

This weekend, Daily4MMA gets the privilege of covering a huge event in which three of our local fighters will get the chance to fight against fighters from arguably the best fight camp there is in the world, Jackson's MMA. Greg Jackson is the best gameplanner in the business and the coach behind some of the best fighters there are right now, including the next big thing, Jon Jones, Light Heavyweight contender Rashad Evans,  Heavyweight powerhouse Shane Carwin, Middleweight perennial contender Nate Marquadt, and possibly the best fighter there is in the world right now, Georges 'Rush' St. Pierre, amongst many other top name fighters. Jackson uses his promotion as a way of keeping his fighters active and build them up for the big show, and a win for any of our fighters this Saturday is going to be a huge step towards the top, especially Mike Chupa who, with a win over such a big name opponent, could be a fight or two away from the biggest stage on the planet, the UFC.
For the Main Event, our very own Mike 'The Storm' Chupa takes on Coty 'Ox' Wheeler. Though the majority of Wheeler's wins come by submission, three of those flying arm bars, you can't really categorize him as a submissions fighter. As are most of the top fighters right now, Wheeler is well versed in all aspects of the game and it's going to take a well rounded fighter to beat him. That's exactly what we have in Mike Chupa, who is no stranger to submissions himself, but is comfortable wherever the fight takes place. There is no clear gameplan for a win over Wheeler. Chupa is going to have to use everything in his arsenal and mix it all up, keeping Wheeler guessing, if he wants the win and based on what he's told us, he's ready for everything and plans exactly on doing just that, taking to him MMA style.
Another El Paso native ready to shine, Adam McGurk takes on one of Jackson's head Jiu Jitsu trainers and with those credentials, you know the guy can pull submissions out of thin air. McGurk is no slacker on the ground but keeping it standing and hitting him til he quits is his best chance at a victory. McGurk is eager to show his stand up and though one would think he wants nothing to do with the ground game, it's MMA, not a grappling competition, and maybe he can ground and pound the black belt out of his opponent. Either way, it's his hands that get McGurk his victory on Saturday.
Also fighting on Saturday and representing the Sun city, Fabian Salas takes on a wrestler coming out of Jackson's camp. A wrestler poses different threats than a Jiu Jitsu, and where McGurk has to watch out for a submission, Salas needs to avoid getting controlled all night. The key for Salas is to keep it standing as well, and let his heavy hands do the rest, but with a wrestler, the odds of Salas ending up on his back are higher. Those bombs he throws have gotten him two victories, but he needs to be sharp off his back on this one if he expects to win, not just getting up when he gets taken down, but also threatening with submissions, because if his opponent can take him down and focus on just keeping him there without worrying about the submissions, it's going to be a long night for Salas. Regardless, Salas is a hungry fighter and expect him to do what he needs to to win.
With the opponents they were given, one could say the Hayashi's fight team got thrown to the wolves. They just see it as a huge opportunity to showcase their skills. Ideally, all three of our fighters would win this weekend, but even just one of the three winning would be a big accomplishment for the team. The fighters are there to represent, and win, lose, or draw, they're gonna show they can hang with the best of them.

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