Friday, February 11, 2011

915 MMA presents: Border Brawl IV

The shock of Anderson’s front kick and Jones’ seemingly easy choke has yet to wear off and it’s time again to be shook to the core by the beauty of a KO or a slick submission. Tomorrow night, El Paso’s amateurs come out to duke it out again, this time under the 915 MMA banner. Border Brawl IV has two belts on the line, as well as El Paso’s first female Welterweight bout, which should make for a good show/awesome night of fights. The fights will take place tomorrow night at 7157 Merchant St. Gates open at 5 pm, first fight starts at 7 pm. General admission is $15. $30 for VIP.

For the Main Event, it’s El Paso’s Oscar De La Parra vs Jesse Jaramillo for the vacant Lightweight belt. Both seem pumped, ready for a brawl, and though De La Parra claims to be the tougher of the two, we won’t really know until they’re locked in the cage. Either way, it should be a war, with the better fighter getting the 915 strap.

For the Co-Main Event, it’s another belt up for grabs as Richard McCall takes on Phillip Schoonover in a Light Heavyweight bout. Phillip looks relaxed and all being a Schoonover means to him is having a really good cornerman. McCall looks anxious to get in there and though he’s ready for everything, it’s a good stand up battle he wants. Tomorrow night, we’ll see if Schoonover shows us it just runs in his blood and gets the win or if McCall is anxious to get in there for a reason and gets the KO he’s looking for.

Also on the card, it’s El Paso’s first female Welterweight bout as Maria Mendez takes on Jessica Kennett. Mendez says she doesn’t know what will happen but she’s ready for it all. Kennett loves Muy Thai and because she feels the pressure of impressing in the name of women fighters everywhere, she promises to put on a show. Fabian Salas finally gets to fight, taking on Andres Cervantes. Either due to bad luck or just word of mouth on his skills, Salas is always set to fight, loses his opponent, gets a replacement, but loses that opponent as well. Tomorrow night, we finally get to see him fight and see if Cervantes made the right choice taking the fight.

All in all, each match up smells of fireworks, and there’s rarely duds when it comes to amateur fights.

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