Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Southwest Grapplefest IV results

The official results are in for Southwest Grapplefest IV. Local professional MMA fighter Mike Chupa who trains out of Hayashi's took 2nd place in the Men's No-Gi Advanced 140 lbs. division. Other El Pasoan's that walked away with awards at Southwest Grapplefest IV were Thomas Cordova out of Relson Gracie JJ who placed 4th place in the Men's No-Gi Advanced 155 lbs. division and Michael Perez out of Concrete Jungle who came in 1st place in the Teen No-Gi Advanced 190 lbs. division.

Masters No-Gi Advanced:

1st Tony Delgado – High Altitude
2nd Jerald Wisdom – Los Vatos
3rd Gabriel Criswell
4th Eric White – ABQ BJJ

Men No-Gi Advanced 140lb:

1st Ray Martinez – Jackson’s
2nd Michael Chupa – Hayashi’s
3rd Eric Buck – Rogers/Machado

Men No-Gi Advanced 155lb:

1st Brian Green – Jackson’s
2nd Alexander Chilton – SF BJJ
3rd Eric White – ABQ BJJ
4th Thomas Cordova – Relson Gracie El Paso

Men No-Gi Advanced 170lb:

1st Matt Young – Durango MA
2nd Daniel Martinez – Mean 1
3rd Steven Hanna – Durango MA
4th Michael Orchowski – Fitness Kicks

Men No-Gi Advanced 190lb:

1st Henry Martinez – Undisputed
2nd Shane Wilson – Team 4 Corners
3rd Michael Ames – Gracie Barra
4th Wesley King – Gracie Barra

Men No-Gi Advanced 215+lb:

1st Jeremiah Osheim – Durango MA
2nd Miguel Ordonez – Undisputed
3rd Tuuau Pleasant – ABQ BJJ
4th Eric McElroy – Halo 8

Teen No-Gi Advanced 140lb:

1st Ray Borg – Cullum Ground Fighting
2nd Ernesto Salvidrez – SF BJJ
3rd Jesse Tafoya – Mean 1
4th Orion Dominguez – Gracie Barra

Teen No-Gi Advanced 160lb:

1st Jose Cueto – Smack
2nd Bronson Mitchell – Team Fierce
3rd Anthony Trujillo – Gracie Barra

Teen No-Gi Advanced 190lb:

1st Michael Perez – Concrete Jungle
2nd Zach Nez – Team 4 Corners

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