Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Frank Powers & TUFF will start the New Year right with TUFF: MILITARY MAYEM! The all day event is set for Jan. 8th with an open house from 10am – 2pm and with their live fights starting at 7pm! Location is at PUSH Fitness & Athletic Training Facility 6440 Gateway East Bldg B, El Paso Texas 79904

Fighters on the card will include Fabian Salas, Scott Goodblanket, James Wento vs. Curtis McNeil and Mike “The Storm” Chupa will defend his title against George Sheffey! Daily 4 MMA will cover the all day event, have pre/post fight interviews with the fighters and have an exclusive interview with Tim Kennedy before his upcoming fight with STRIKEFORCE!

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  1. scott goodblanket will be fighting Dennis Jones at the 170 weight class both are both heavy hitters and will be quiet a fight to watch deffinately a knockout card so far